According to a report by Mehr News Agency, the fire in jungles of Kerman province is a bitter reality which has targeted natural resources of the city and it is expanding every day. Based on evidences, some of these fires are done by people who are speculators.

But tourists and farmers are also agents of fire in Kerman and recently there was a fire in Gonavarkan Jungle of Gughar region in which a group of tourists made fire and led to destruction of several hectares of jungles.

Based on reports from people of this region, shovel and pick are the only tools for extinguishing fire. There should be noted that the counsel of the region said that the protection unit has located a center there that only has a motorcycle and a shovel and calls people and officials.

Ghughar residents are waiting to hear from mosque speaker that there is fire in the jungle because there are lots of tourists in this region recently. According to a report from city council, there have been eight fires this year in this region and all the time people extinguished the fire but due to lack of equipment, they have lost a wide area of almond jungles.

Protection unit official of Baft city also told the reporters that he is anxious about the fires going on in the region and asked officials to provide necessary equipment. Kerman province has become one of the best tourism centers due to its mild weather in comparison to neighboring cities.

In recent months and due to an increase in tourists from other cities, there is an increase in fires and this leads to destruction of natural resources of the city and one of the major issues leading to fires is officials’ lack of responsibility.