Mehr News Agency (Provinces – Ms. Asma Mahmoudi) has dedicated a report to engraving and destruction of Shah Nemat Allah Vali tomb walls in Kerman’s Mahan city.

Mahan city is a garden city near Kerman which is known for Shahzadeh Garden and Shah Nemat Allah Vali tomb. Although Shahzade garden is one of the unique gardens in terms of architecture, Shah Namat Allah Vali tomb has a history of more than 700 years and its unique architecture has created a special situation for that.

When you move from first entry to the inner parts, you notice the engravings and the walls of this monument has been engraved by nails to write memoirs and the internal walls of the building and even the tomb has not survived from these engravings and all parts you can see names, dates and different symbols which were written by people.



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