Mazandaran, Savadkuh, Alasht, With Beautiful An Historical Jungles Of Alasht Tabarestan

Short Term 80 USD (per night) At least 1 Night
1 room in area of 80 square meter
Physical Structure
  • Area80 square meter
  • Rooms:1
  • WCs:1
  • Parking
Local Foods
Vegetabled rice with walnut and cheese, Shish Andaz, Dis kebab, Kopi pola, Versagh, Kens noun
Historical Places
Reza Shah's hometown
Tourism Places
Alasht jungle and mountains
More Details
Historical ceremonies: 26th of Eid, Tire ma Sizdah Sho, Cease-rain ceremony (Varesh vase)
Local games: Aghuz ka, Verde Burde, Mishka par, Tika par, Pelapti ka, Panje bitan
There is a suite with the area of 60 square meters and price of 150 thousand Tomans which is under the floor you see in the pictures.
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