Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, Chelgerd and Kuhrang, Meyhe Town, Host Of Athletes And Tourists Near Koohrang Ski Resort And Wonderful Tulips

Short Term 10 USD (per night) At least 1 Night
1 room in area of 70 square meter
Physical Structure
  • Area70 square meter
  • Rooms:1
  • WCs:1
  • Parking
Local Foods
buttermilk soup, Tas kebab, Pickle
Historical Places
Shahzade Ebrahim shrine, Shah Abdolazim shrine, Dezdaran spring
Tourism Places
Kouhrang ski resort, tulips plain, NasirAbad dam, Deyme fountain
Fun Vehicles
Ski, boat, Sleigh
More Details
A suitable place to use the tourism centers of the region.
This place is suitable for 5 persons. Call us to reserve for more persons.
Please note the location has been shown approximately.
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