Kohgiluye and Boyer Ahmad, Sisakht and Dena, Central Karik, Sightseeing In Karik Stairwise Village And In Its Seasonal Fountains

Short Term 50 USD (per night) At least 1 Night
Long Term 700 USD (per month) At least 1 Month
1 room in area of 200 square meter
Physical Structure
  • Area200 square meter
  • Rooms:1
  • WCs:1
Local Foods
Kardeh soup, buttermilk soup, Dampokhtak
Historical Places
Mir Eshaghaddin Mohammad shrine, Askar shrine, Village old bathroom
Tourism Places
Seasonal waterfalls and fountains, Stairwise form of village, river, piscicultural farms
Fun Vehicles
Horse, donkey
More Details
This place can accommodate 5 to 7 persons.
It has a 20m room.
Karik village is one the few villages which are tourism attractions. The characteristic feature of this village in comparison to other villages is its stairwise architecture in which the roof of one building is the yard for other.
The village has temperate weather which attracts many tourists every year.
The main occupation of people in this village is agriculture and they speak Lori dialect.
Of the main agricultural products we can name wheat, rice, lentils, mung bean and pea and its main fruits are grapes, red and yellow apples, peaches, walnuts, apricots and plums.
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