Mazandaran, Savadkuh, Zirab - Pasha Kala Village, Walking In The River And Pashakol Negin Sabz Velvet Forests Of Savadkouh

Short Term 34 USD (per night) At least 1 Night
2 room in area of 80 square meter
Physical Structure
  • Area80 square meter
  • Rooms:2
  • WCs:1
  • Parking
Local Foods
Tirang Bashti, Ersioli, Komaj, Special halva
Historical Places
Alasht old area, Kordabad village, Jamaladdin shrine, Taher shrine, Gardan castle, Kangalou castle, Khajme kouh castle, Lajim tower
Tourism Places
Pashakola jungle and river, Babak Mahale, Bavand tower, Naghshe Shah, Varsak bridge, ESpahbod khorshid cave, KijaKachal cave, Dev Leylam cave, Zangian cave, Sout Shah cave, Islam Abad jungle, Andarkali jungle, Miankola jungle, Khi Poust jungle, Kaslian jungle, Javarom jungle, Drasla Tange waterfall, Golnab Darreh waterfall, Lajim waterfall, Chorat waterfall
Fun Vehicles
Boat, horse, bicycle
More Details
We are here with 200 km distance with Tehran and 100 km distance with Caspian Sea to provide you the best facilities.
This place is 80 square meters and it is suitable to accommodate 4 persons.
Please call me to reserve for more tourists or family members.
Please note the location has been shown approximately.
We just introduce locations.
I am at your service with offering different places.
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